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Screen Mom 1oz Screen Cleaner Kit (2-Pack)

Screen Mom 1oz Screen Cleaner Kit (2-Pack)

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Great for cleaning while on travel

Gives your screen that new "out of box" appearance (Remember when you took your TV out of the box for the first time?)

Quickly removes fingerprints, smudges, dust, streaks, and all other debris from your screens (Take a close look at your screen, how dirty is it?)

Safe to use around family and pets. No alcohol, ammonia, or nasty phosphates like other household cleaning products use. 

No Odor! (I don’t know about you but I cannot stand to smell nasty chemicals and think about what type of harm they could be doing to my kids)

Streak Free finish guaranteed! (Unlike most other cleaners)

Cleans Other Things - CDs, DVDs, Mirrors, Vinyl Records, and Lenses

Customers say that the cloths alone are worth the price, especially the large one! The special microfiber allows you to clean not only your screens, but also mirrors, glass, crystal, watches, jewelry, eyeglasses, sunglasses, and many other items that require delicate cleaning.


1oz Screen Mom screen cleaning potion (Qty: 2)

2 - Purple 6"x7" Microfiber Premium Cloths



Legal Disclaimer - Screen Mom cannot be held responsible for damage on Macbooks or other screens with special coating on screens that contain manufacture defects. Screen Mom cannot be held responsible for damages caused by mis-use of the Screen Mom product.